7 Best Visiting Museums In Paris

Paris is one of the best places to tour. It is famously known for luxurious and highly exotic reputation. At Paris, you can visit several famous museums without necessarily breaking your bank. Some Paris museums are free from charges while others are considerably cheap.

What are some of the Best Visiting Museums in Paris?

The city of Paris is a home to numerous art galleries and showrooms. These museums are rich with inherited cultural treasures. At the same time, they are famously known among the best and reliable sources of history in the world.

1. The Louvre Museum

Things You Don’t Know About France Night LifeThis museum is the best destination for visitors at Paris. For louvre, the museum contains the romantic and lovely treasures which are appealing to view. It also has art galleries which attract different people who like viewing artwork. It is ranked among the best and famous art gallery and museum in the whole world with over 35,000 items adapted from 6th century to the late 19th century. In this light, the museum attracts large numbers of visitors on regular basis.

2. Musée d’Orsay

Things You Don’t Know About France Night LifeMusée d’Orsay is a home for art and early treasures which were adapted from different periods in the past. This museum has over 6500 artworks which comprises of French, Greek, and Roman artwork. However, the museum has art works from other sources. It also contains paintings, furniture, sculptures, calligraphy, and photography. The museum has most of its works of adapted from the 19th and 20th century.

3. Cité des Sciences et de I’Industrie

Things You Don’t Know About France Night LifeApparently, this is the largest science museum across Europe. It incorporates science into the interactive and entertaining leisure activities. it is situated at Parc de la Villette. During its construction, the museum was designed using themes such as: water, connection of world-and-life theme, and plant life.it has bioclimatic greenhouses which are used to showcase different scientific projects and discoveries.

4. Musée du Quai Branly

Things You Don’t Know About France Night LifeThis museum primarily focuses on the indigenous art as well as cultures and modernization of world communities from regions of America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. By dealing with enormous sources of art, the museum has, therefore, gathered a lot of artworks amounting to over 250,000. These include: ancient statues, fabrics, jewelry, and furniture.

5. Musée Carnavalet

Things You Don’t Know About France Night LifeThis museum is perfect for local and international artwork viewing. It offers interactive and educational chances for the visitors. It has different sets of artworks which are grouped according to their ages as well as their sources. Mainly, the museum showcases and outlines the process of the development of cities in the ancient times.

6. Maison de Balzac

Things You Don’t Know About France Night LifeThis museum mainly focuses on literature. The building that contains this museum was the home for the famous author of “The Human Comedy”, Maison Balzac, who lived there in the mid-19th century. Thus, it contains his works and those of other famous authors from France. It includes manuscripts and letters written by different writers.

7. The Pompidou Center

Things You Don’t Know About France Night LifeThe museum is known for modern arts from different parts in Europe and across the world. Also, this museum has a public library which is used by the public for various reference purposes. The Pompidou Center has art galleries used to showcase industrial designs, music, and cinema performance.


Paris is home to a number of many established and famous world museums. At the same time, the city is associated with tight security and affordable standard. Due to its security, Paris has been nicknamed as the “City of Light”. Thus, visiting Paris exposes you to a vast experience to enjoy with your family in a secured environment.