7 Best Visiting Museums In Paris

Paris is one of the best places to tour. It is famously known for luxurious and highly exotic reputation. At Paris, you can visit several famous museums without necessarily breaking your bank. Some Paris museums are free from charges while others are considerably cheap.

What are some of the Best Visiting Museums in Paris?

The city of Paris is a home to numerous art galleries and showrooms. These museums are rich with inherited cultural treasures. At the same time, they are famously known among the best and reliable sources of history in the world.

1. The Louvre Museum

Things You Don’t Know About France Night LifeThis museum is the best destination for visitors at Paris. For louvre, the museum contains the romantic and lovely treasures which are appealing to view. It also has art galleries which attract different people who like viewing artwork. It is ranked among the best and famous art gallery and museum in the whole world with over 35,000 items adapted from 6th century to the late 19th century. In this light, the museum attracts large numbers of visitors on regular basis.

2. Musée d’Orsay

Things You Don’t Know About France Night LifeMusée d’Orsay is a home for art and early treasures which were adapted from different periods in the past. This museum has over 6500 artworks which comprises of French, Greek, and Roman artwork. However, the museum has art works from other sources. It also contains paintings, furniture, sculptures, calligraphy, and photography. The museum has most of its works of adapted from the 19th and 20th century.

3. Cité des Sciences et de I’Industrie

Things You Don’t Know About France Night LifeApparently, this is the largest science museum across Europe. It incorporates science into the interactive and entertaining leisure activities. it is situated at Parc de la Villette. During its construction, the museum was designed using themes such as: water, connection of world-and-life theme, and plant life.it has bioclimatic greenhouses which are used to showcase different scientific projects and discoveries.

4. Musée du Quai Branly

Things You Don’t Know About France Night LifeThis museum primarily focuses on the indigenous art as well as cultures and modernization of world communities from regions of America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. By dealing with enormous sources of art, the museum has, therefore, gathered a lot of artworks amounting to over 250,000. These include: ancient statues, fabrics, jewelry, and furniture.

5. Musée Carnavalet

Things You Don’t Know About France Night LifeThis museum is perfect for local and international artwork viewing. It offers interactive and educational chances for the visitors. It has different sets of artworks which are grouped according to their ages as well as their sources. Mainly, the museum showcases and outlines the process of the development of cities in the ancient times.

6. Maison de Balzac

Things You Don’t Know About France Night LifeThis museum mainly focuses on literature. The building that contains this museum was the home for the famous author of “The Human Comedy”, Maison Balzac, who lived there in the mid-19th century. Thus, it contains his works and those of other famous authors from France. It includes manuscripts and letters written by different writers.

7. The Pompidou Center

Things You Don’t Know About France Night LifeThe museum is known for modern arts from different parts in Europe and across the world. Also, this museum has a public library which is used by the public for various reference purposes. The Pompidou Center has art galleries used to showcase industrial designs, music, and cinema performance.


Paris is home to a number of many established and famous world museums. At the same time, the city is associated with tight security and affordable standard. Due to its security, Paris has been nicknamed as the “City of Light”. Thus, visiting Paris exposes you to a vast experience to enjoy with your family in a secured environment.

4 Best Cafés for the Louvre Visitors

Louvre museum is in Paris, France. Many visitors attend the museum during different times throughout the year. However, finding a place to dine and spend time near Louvre becomes difficult especially to those who are new to this place.

The Best Cafes for Louvre Visitors

1. Le Café Diane

Best Cafés for the Louvre VisitorsThe café is at the center of Tuileries Gardens. It faces the Eiffel Tower on one side and the Louvre on the other. The café has an area designed with terraces which offers a seating ground for over 200 people.

Being in the Tuileries Gardens, the café provides a cool and a relaxing environment to relax and enjoy the view of the garden as well as the features of Paris city. It has both international and national meal menus with long lists of different dishes. The café also considers the seasons and weather in its preparations for daily specials and offers such as: ice cream during hot seasons.

2. Le Café Mollien

Best Cafés for the Louvre Visitors

This café is located a few meters from Mona Lisa. Thus, it is situated near the gallery space where most of the Louvre visitors spend a lot of their time. It is a perfect place for buying snacks and other dishes.

The café occupies its space inside the Pavilion Mollien which is also an interesting feature to attract visitors. It is below the Charles-Louis Muller ceiling which is glamorously painted. Thus, it is a cool place to relax and enjoy meals during touring period.

3. Le Comptoir du Louvre

Best Cafés for the Louvre Visitors

This café is popular among visitors as it offers a wide range of Paul sandwiches. It also has dishes such as: salads, snacks, desserts, and pastries among others. The café has long lists of menus with famous dishes normally used by visitors. The café also works with Paul Bakery which bakes cakes, breads, and desserts in French style. These dishes are highly demanded by visitors in Louvre.

It has a take-away counter which is quick to serve the customers within seconds. At the same time, it has a dining and relaxing space with a couple of chairs and tables. Therefore, visitors who are after taking light lunch or snacks can prefer this café.

4. Le Kiosque Paul et le triporteur

Best Cafés for the Louvre Visitors

This café is located in the interior of the Carrousel Garden. Thus, it is in the middle of a cool and reserved environment which is conducive to relax. It is also located within facing the Pyramid, Eiffel Tower, and Louvre Museum from different sides. Thus, as the visitors relax in the garden, they can enjoy the view of the city’s famous features.

The café has a connection with Paul Bakery. Thus, it has cakes, desserts, breads, and other dishes which are prepared by Paul bakers. The café also offers French and international dishes. The Le Kiosque Paul et le triporteur is known for its considerable prices on dishes.


The Louvre Museum is situated between the Siene River and the Rue de Rivoli. Since 1750 when it was opened, various cafés have been established in the surrounding area. These cafés offers the visitors with different dishes to cater for their lunch and snacks. Therefore, as you plan to tour in the Louvre area, Paris, do not be worried about where to find convenient cafés.

Where to Go to See The Northern Lights In Iceland?

Traveling to Iceland

The location of Iceland is in the North of the Arctic Ocean between North America and Europe. It is an island nation. The landscape is mainly mountainous with a significant cover of a glacier and a climate that greatly subjects the changing seasons all around the year.

The country has brief sunsets during the night in the month of June. The sun sets and comes up back again. The days and the nights have same hours in the March and September equinoxes just like elsewhere in the world but the night is 20 hours long in December. Midnight Sunlight decorates the summers that attract many tourists every year from all over the world. Early and late winters are still very attractive with daylight from 10:00 to 17:00. The island is covered in snow at this season of small tourism turn up.

The Northern Lights

Where to Go to See The Northern Lights In IcelandThe Northern Lights are the most beautiful speculation event in Iceland. It is also known as Aurora Borealis and takes place from September to March every year during the night. The lights are visible just above the horizon at fragile atmospheres and altitude between 100 and 250 km. The scenario is a result of electrically charged particle in thin air in the geomagnetic poles of 20 to 25 degrees.

When to See the Northern Lights?

Where to Go to See The Northern Lights In IcelandThe Northern Lights are a God-given blessing to the people living in the Iceland. They attract tourists from all over the world to participate these wonders happening in a broad span of almost eight months each year. Northern lights occur during the month of September, and the occurrences go along the way through the next month to March. The Northern Lights, however, occur depending on weather conditions. Summers are bright during the day and have light during the night; therefore it’s not the time to spot the Northern Lights in Iceland. They require a night of clear skies. You can learn more about Northern lights over at www.icelandbuddy.com just remember to make sure to be up to date with the forecast if you plan on going to Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights formation has favorable conditions in the early night skies of August when the weather is good with clear skies and a small light from the moon. The show is on clearly again in April from sunset to sunrise. April happens to be a fascinating time of the year of all months in Iceland for adventure lovers.

One lucky day in Iceland can expose you to the Northern Lights, but it’s more fun to stay longer to increase the probability of seeing them. Tourists prefer to drive along the beautiful southern coastline of Iceland to get lucky and enjoy more of the Northern Lights.

Where to See the Northern Lights?

– The Northern Lights occur in a range of colors: The Northern Lights are strongly visible in the cities like Reykjavik and Tromso. In other places, however, they come in different colors created by the Earth’s Spectra of gasses and the distance from the horizons where the collision responsible for charging particles to emit the beautiful colorations. The most distinct color associated with the event is the green color, however, green-yellow and the white, gray lights escaped many eyes and passed by the moment.

– Pick a destination and wait for luck: Some adventurous tourist may spend months never to experience the Northern lights for even once especially when the weather is not favorable. Picking fantastic places while in the Iceland and play glacier hiking or take snowmobile expenditure can get can get lucky to witness the Northern Light. Sometimes the lights are not hunted they can strike a happy surprise.

The magical lights can appear on while on the Vik sandy beaches of the south coast of Iceland while enjoying the melodic water waves. Most favorite fun places for the hunt of the Northern Lights is on the glacier lagoon of Jokulsarlon.

– Sudden surprise: The weather patterns of the Iceland are very unpredictable. It may pose unfavorable conditions for the Northern Lights in a minute and clear away in a few moments. It needs the patience to get the sight sometimes.

– Unpredictable time: Aurora Borealis forecast is very unpredictable. It occurs mostly within the months falling between September and March. However, the specific times cannot be pinpointed and indeed forecast.

The hunting of the Aurora Borealis has a higher probable success around Keflavik whether flying or on the road driving with the sky bright and a moonlight landscape. Boat expenditures in the night in the northern parts of Iceland especially Westfjords or sitting in rocks around the place can prove a fruitful hunt for the Northern Lights.

Where to See the Northern Lights In Reykjavik?

Where to Go to See The Northern Lights In IcelandAt Bessastadir in the town of Alftanes near the residence of the president, a few mile driving exposes the light hunter to the beautiful Northern Lights just across the bay fully reflected in the sea on a clear sky day. The Sun Voyager statue a walking distance from Reykjavik and near the Harpa music hall by the side of the sea is possible sites to catch a glimpse of the light show. Seltjarnarnes, a half an hour walk from Reykjavik provide another special place to witness the Northern Lights away from the town lights.

Northern Lights Holiday Tours

Northern Lights holidays are very popular in Iceland. Tourists get an opportunity to tour around the most likely places and time for the occurrences of the Northern Lights. The tours go around Reykjavik, Akureyri, and Lake Myvatn and to the Vatnajokull in the southeast from Hofn. People touring get a refund for their money if they could not see the Northern Lights.

Tours are not limited to the mentioned places above. One is free to choose sites and the mode of transport. There are cruise boats bus tours and the personal jeeps for privacy.

You can wait for the lights while taking a bath from the geothermal springs in the tour areas or do a food feasting. The choice is optional.

Anyone planning to visit the Island nation of Iceland needs to know the most likely time of the best month and the most likely place to witness the adventure. The Northern Lights are not predictable and may require the patience to observe. If weathers are not good, enough you may not get the luck to experience this unusual phenomenon.

Ways to Enjoy Music While Seeing Monuments In Museum

Listening music playing in your background while watching monuments in the museum makes the whole experience more enjoyable. However, the presence of many people as well as other continuing processes in the museum may limit your chances to enjoy music. Thus, you may need to find suitable headphones that will boost your potential to enjoy music.

Which Headphones are Best Suited for Enjoying Music while inside the Museum?

Travelling headphones are what you require for maximum music enjoyment in the museum. The headphones are designed with technology to limit noise interference with the music audio as well as protecting your ear from noise damage.

How Can You Enjoy Music while In the Museum?

Ways to Enjoy Music While Seeing Monuments In MuseumThe following include a couple of ways on how you can enjoy music in the museum. Using travelling headphones is among the ways through which you can increase your music enjoyment while inside the museum.

1. Control the Background Noise

Inside the museum, there are many people and many processes taking place at the same time. The noise from the people as well as the processes happening in the museum may hinder you from enjoying tour music. Travelling headphones are designed with noise cancelling technology. This technology reduces the background noises. Thus, you are able to enjoy your music without noise interruption from the other external sources.

2. Reducing the External Noise Disturbances

Listening music from loud headphones normally distracts other people’s peace. This also affects the one who is listening music until a point where he/she cannot enjoy anymore. Such earphones also put your ears under the risk of noise damage. Using travelling headphones prevents such a case. The headphones are designed to concentrate the music to the individual’s ears only. At the same time, they are enhanced with noise cancelling technology. Thus, you do not need to increase the volume on your device in order to have the music become loud.

3. Improving the Quality of the Music Sound

Ways to Enjoy Music While Seeing Monuments In MuseumThis can only be done through using headphones which are able to alter and improve the sound of the music. Some headphones are designed poorly such that the music sound ends up in the wrong directions and somewhat altered. The travelling headphones can help you in improving the quality of the music sound. They cancel the noise that comes from other sources. Therefore, you only have your desired sound reaching your ears solely. Also, they concentrate the music sound into the ear making it clearer and better.

4. Go to Places without Many People

While you have your ears and probably mind set on the playing music, you may find it hard to communicate or walk along with others. Thus, places with many people may limit your chances of enjoying the music. Choose to go to those places with less people or none. While walking alone, you will not be distracted by the communication or movements by other people. Thus, you will be able to enjoy your music and enjoy your tour as well.


While visiting the museum, all you require is to view different features of artwork and watch different processes. Thus, you do not necessarily need to keep your ears alert for something. Therefore, listening to music while in the museum may make the visit more interesting. By choosing the travelling headphones, you will enjoy your music playlists in a more spectacular way.

Can You Rent a Portable Air Conditioner at Hotel Room?

Can You Rent a Portable Air Conditioner at Hotel RoomTouring in different regions exposes you to different temperatures and weathers. For instance, between April and October, France is associated with higher temperatures than other seasons. Therefore, you may need air conditioner services in your hotel room.

Is it Possible to Rent a Portable Air Conditioner at Hotel Room?

You may find carrying your portable air conditioner with you to your tour impossible. However, some hotels or air conditioner dealers offers renting services. Thus, you may find no need to carry your portable air conditioner with you.

Where can you Rent Portable Air Conditioner for Your Hotel Room?

There are several places where you can rent or get an air conditioner for use during your travel without necessarily buying it. Some of these places are listed in the following:

1. From Supermarkets

Some visitors are normally unable to withstand harsh weathers with high temperatures. If you are visiting cities such as Paris in France, you may rent a portable air conditioner from supermarkets. Different supermarkets usually offer renting services for portable air conditioners.

Others usually sell the air conditioners with a buy-back agreement. Thus, as you plan to spend your days in the city, you may use the air conditioner and sell it back after your tour is over. Therefore, you do not necessarily need to fully purchase a portable air conditioner in order to enjoy its services.

2. From Air Conditioners Dealers

In every city or town, there are air conditioner dealers who deal with sale and even renting deals. Such individuals can help you in finding the best air conditioner for the area that you are touring. At the same time, they can help you in understanding the process of installation and usage. Air conditioner dealers are usually associated with both sales and renting operations. However, be sure to understand their conditions before settling for a deal with them. This will enlighten you on their genuineness and fairness in operations.

3. From Apartments’ Managers and Landlords

Can You Rent a Portable Air Conditioner at Hotel Room

Apartments’ managers are well aware about the climatic and weather conditions of the places where their buildings are located. Such individuals can help you to acquire a portable air conditioner for hire.

Some of them have their own materials to offer to room users for hire. At the same time, they can help you in the installation and usage of the portable air conditioner. They will guide you on where and how to fit the air conditioner without causing damage on the structures.

Is it Wise to Rent a Portable Air Conditioner?

Some individuals have health issues which require them to be in an environment with fresh air with a certain level of humidity. Other people are used to regular use of air conditioners and may be specific types of air conditioners.

Thus, while travelling, you may not be assured of finding an air conditioner in the apartment that you will rent. Therefore, renting an air conditioner becomes a wise decision. However, be sure to rent a good quality portable air conditioner whose functionality is conversant to you.


A portable air conditioner is essential in regulating the quality of air in a room into the required standards. If you have planned to take visits in this summer, you may need to rent a portable air conditioner for your health or comfort requirements. Therefore, it is essential for you to know where and who you can consult while searching for a portable air conditioner for rent.

What Do Advance Hotel Rooms Offer?

Hotel rooms should have a dazzling effect in order to make them look outstanding before the eyes of the visitors. Advance hotel rooms are designed and installed with different items which make them to serve every need of any visitor who attends a hotel.

Advance Hotel Rooms

What Do Advance Hotel Rooms OfferIn order to meet all the visitors’ needs, advance hotel rooms are fitted with all the necessary items that a visitor may require. This limits the uneasiness in a visitor who may otherwise be bound to make several requests in order to have his/her needs met. Such hotel rooms ensure that when a visitor enters their rooms, they have it all whatever they may require.

1. Additional Mirror with Inbuilt TV Screen in your Bathroom

With a mirror in your bathroom, you can enjoy your shower without solely relying on the normal room mirror. Also, the advance hotel rooms have inbuilt TV with which you can enjoy watching news, sports, or movies while relaxing in the room. Thus, you can be aware of what is happening in the outside environment.

2. L’Occitane Bathroom Amenities

These are natural sensorial products which are produced by Provence from natural herbs and ingredients. They enrich the quality of the bath and the showering experience. These include: soaps, shower gels, exfoliators, and also bubble baths. The amenities are effective for all the skins and especially the sensitive skin which might react due to harsh weathers or water while travelling in different regions.

3. Bathrobes, Towels, and Slippers

Advance hotel rooms supply the visitors with robes, towels, and slippers. Therefore, you do not require buying a set of this item on your way to the travelling destination. This minimizes the need to carry a heavy and hectic load to and fro your touring destination.

4. In-room Kitchen with Touchless Faucet

What Do Advance Hotel Rooms Offer

Some visitors like cooking their own food. Also, after buying take-away food from cafés, you may require kitchen services in order to effectively handle your dishes before and after the meals. Advance hotel rooms are fitted with in-room kitchen touchless faucet for these purposes.

Touchless kitchen faucets are very important for ensuring free-from-germs and other dirt kitchen services. Hotel rooms are used by different travellers who spend their days in different places. Thus, ensuring minimal flow and spread of germ or dirt should be at the par in hotel rooms. Using touchless faucets ensures that one does not interfere with the taps and water system. This minimizes any chances of spreading of germs or dirt. You can read more about kitchen faucet over at Kitchenfaucetcenter.com.

5. NESPRESSO Coffee Machine

This machine enhances you to mix coffee, milk, water, and sugar. Thus, you do not need to cook or buy ready-made coffee. With this machine, you can make your own coffee while at the hotel room.

6. Wi-Fi

What Do Advance Hotel Rooms OfferMany advance hotel rooms offers free Wi-Fi services. This limits the challenges that some visitors may experience with network and internet services in their touring destinations.

7. Hot Tubs

Normally, touring experiences include: running, walking, hiking, swimming, and climbing among others. After such experiences, soaking the body in hot water for a period of time is essential in reducing body pressure, tension, pains, poor circulation, and even stress. Advance hotel rooms provide regularly disinfected hot tubs for this purpose.


Thus, while planning to travel to different destinations, it is important that you book for an advance hotel room. Such a room will boost your touring experience. At the same time, it will greatly take care of your body health while you are in a different environment from home.

Top 10 National Dishes of France

There are several different types of dishes in France. Some of them are universal and, thus, used even in other parts of the world. However, others are only used in France alone. Most of the national dishes of France are immensely popular across Europe and the world.

Top National Dishes of France

France dishes constitutes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner just like other dishes. However, they are made from unique ingredients that make them exceptional among other world dishes. Below is a list of the top national dishes in France.

1. Chicken Marengo

National Dishes of France

The dish has a chicken sautéed using oil and garlic. Also, it has tomato flavor and it is garnished with a mixture of crayfish and fried eggs. It was adapted from the Napoleonic victory against Austrian army in the 1800s Battle of Marengo. It is made from a young chicken which has been chopped off its legs and wings. On top of the aforementioned ingredients, the dish has olive oil, salt, pepper, and nutmeg dash.

2. Pain de Campagne

National Dishes of France

It is a large loaf made from baker’s yeast or from natural leavening techniques. The loaf is also known as “French sourdough”. It is a French traditional dish made from wheat flour, water, salt, and leavening ingredients.

3. Bacon-and Leek Quiche

National Dishes of France

This dish is made from ingredients such as: sliced bacon, leeks, egg yolk, and all-purpose flour. It also comprises of some basic ingredients like salt, pepper, thyme leaves, Gruyére cheese, unsalted butter, and water.

4. Salad Nicoise

National Dishes of France

With vegetables such as green beans, Dijon mustard, oil-packed canned tuna, cherry tomatoes, and sliced romaine hearts, the dish makes one of the best salads. It has other ingredients such as pepper, olive oil, eggs, and red wine vinegar.

5. Mousse au Chocolat

The main ingredients that make this dish include: whipped egg whites or cream, pureéd fruit, and chocolate. The inclusion of vanilla flavor as well as herbs makes this dessert tasty. It can also be flavored using fish, liver, or boiled eggs.

6. Grilled Steaks with Garlic Chive Butter and French-Style Potato Salad

National Dishes of France

This dish is associated with French Tuesdays. It contains ingredients such: red potatoes, unsalted butter, salt, pepper, Dijon mustard, chopped basil, scallions, garlic, and parsley. The dish is common among many visitors in France.

7. Beef Burgundy

National Dishes of France

This is a healthy beef and vegetables stew that is commonly used in France. It has beef pieces cooked together with vegetables such as: mushrooms, green beans, and carrots. Water is added in order to turn it into a stew. It has other ingredients such as: olive oil, onion, garlic, tomato paste, and red wine.

8. Boursin-Stuffed Chicken

National Dishes of France

It is prepared using skinless chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, Boursin cheese, and sliced prosciutto. Addition of cheese makes the chicken softer to chew and swallow. It is wrapped with prosciutto in order to make it more presentable.

9. Galette de rois

National Dishes of France

It is also referred to as the “King’s Cake”. It is associated with Epiphany Festival which comes during the end of Christmas period. It is made from wheat flour and pieces of chocolate, apples, almond, and pear. This makes it healthier and tasty.

10. Coquilles Saint-Jacques

National Dishes of France

The dish is mainly served during the Christmas season. It is perfect for a dessert. It was adapted from traditions of French. This makes it enjoyable to take it while walking in the streets of French cities. It is made from butter, minced shallots, minced tarragon, mushrooms, and scallops among other ingredients.


The list of France national dishes is almost endless. There are many different dishes for you to enjoy while touring in different cities and other places in France. Trying these dishes gives you a whooping life experience that makes the touring moments memorable.

How to Kayak: Beginner’s Guide

How to Kayak

Kayaking is a fun water sport, but it might seem downright daunting for beginners. The very idea of having to paddle for hours on end can be very intimidating in itself. In addition, there are also a variety of preparations and training you have to get out of the way before jumping right into kayaking. Making sure that you have some preliminary knowledge as to what kayaking entails will allow you to set reasonable expectations, as well as put in place the necessary precautions to make sure that your kayaking adventure will go as smoothly and safely as possible.

That said, this article was prepared to help beginners figure out the basics of kayaking. So, if this is your first time to go on a kayaking trip, make sure to read this handy guide.

Handy Kayaking Tips for Beginners

How to KayakGetting proper training and going kayaking with experienced kayakers are still your best bet for the first time you kayak, but these tips will certainly help your initial venture become smooth-sailing.

Tip #1. Get a kayaking lesson

Of course, you came here to find kayaking tips but, trust me, nothing beats an actual lesson. Getting a hands-on lesson from a professional will teach you the basics of kayaking, such as picking the right boat for you, paddling properly, and even recovering from a capsize. A kayaking lesson will also give you a better idea of the waters where you will be kayaking. Kayaking lessons are not expensive, so it is highly recommended that you take them.

Tip #2. Dress appropriately

By dressing appropriately, we are not talking about dressing for the weather. Instead, you should dress for the water (see Tip #1 on the importance of getting a kayaking lesson). Bear in mind that just because it is hot out does not automatically mean that the water will be as warm. You might even be surprised at how cold the waters can be. To prepare for the eventuality of you falling into the water (which is something you should expect and prepare for on your first kayaking trip), make sure to wear proper gear, such as a wetsuit and kayaking gloves.

Tip #3. Wear a buoyancy aid

How to KayakEven if you consider yourself a good swimmer, it is still important to wear a buoyancy aid, especially on your first kayaking trip. Since kayaking is an outdoor water activity, the conditions are not as controlled as that in a swimming pool. Certain parts of the water might be tricky to swim in and remaining afloat can pose a challenge should your kayak capsize.

Tip #4. Choose the right boat

There are different types of kayaks out there, each catering to a specific need. When choosing a kayak for your first time to go kayaking, go by function and difficulty instead of by looks. A certain type of kayak might look cool but if you cannot use it properly, then it will only pose a danger for you. As much as possible, choose a kayak that is not only beginner-friendly, but also especially suited for the water where you will be paddling.

Tip #5. Bring extra clothes

Kayaking may not sound like rocket science and you might be very confident with your newly-acquired paddling skills, but you still never know what might happen once you are already in the water. Trust me, it is a lot better to lug around extra clothes than shiver the entire ride home because you fell in the water and did not have anything to change into.

Tip #6. Have basic rescue skills

How to KayakIf you take kayaking lessons and follow these guidelines to the letter, there might be no need for you to put your rescuing skills to the test. Nevertheless, it pays to be prepared when doing any water activity. Make sure that you know how to recover from a capsize, as well as how to get yourself and others back on the boat (or out of the water, depending on the scenario). Basic first aid skills will also go a long way.

Tip #7. Do not kayak alone

This is incredibly important for beginners. Paddling with a more experienced kayaker will not only help you improve your kayaking skills but will also give you someone to turn to in case something unexpected occurs.

And there you go: easy and handy kayaking tips for beginners. Take these guidelines to heart and you will surely have an enjoyable and very safe kayaking adventure. After all, the last thing you want to happen is to get into a mishap on your first kayaking trip.

3 Best Travel Guide for Traveling to France

France is among the most visited countries in Europe. It has one of the best destinations when it comes to cultures, sports, social activities, structures and features, and natural sites. At the same time, the country has the perfect seasons suitable for activities such as: skiing, camping, and hiking among other activities. While touring in France, you need to book services with travel and tour agents in order to make the experience more effective and simple.

Traveling to France

Since the discovery of France as a center for visitors’ attraction, several travel and tour agents have established themselves in different parts of the country. The agents guide the visitors on the locations to visit and to find accommodation. They also help visitors in determining the cost of different activities done during tours and travels.

1. France Travel Guide by Rick Steves

Best Travel Guide for Traveling to France

France has numerous places and sites which attract many visitors. However, being unfamiliar with the country and its parts may limit your ability to enjoy your travel. A tour and travel guide is essential in linking you to the diverse, tasty, and exciting experience in France. Rick Steves tour and travel agents are well conversant with different parts such as: forests, coastlines, grand canyons, cathedrals, museums, and different cities. The agents are well suited for travels and tours in places such as: Antibes, Avignon, Chartres, French Alps, Lyon, Marseille, Normandy, Paris, Reims, and Strasbourg among many others.

2. France Travel Guide by Nomadic Matt

Best Travel Guide for Traveling to France

In your tour to France, you may need to know different destinations, budgeted costs, and activities involved in different places. Also, you may need guide on how to get accommodation without necessarily straining. This will make your experience more engaging and memorable during the travel.

Nomadic Matt is a travel guide agents firm that guides visitors on different France destination, typical costs, and on the budgeting tips. It also guides the visitors on accommodation and on various activities which are available in different places. The firm is best suited for travels and tours in parts places such: Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice, and Paris. With Nomadic Matt, you will be exposed to money saving tips that will cut your cost on the tours and travels spending.

3. France Travel Guide by France.com

Best Travel Guide for Traveling to France

France is famous for its romantic and classic lifestyle. This attracts many visitors from across the world. With its landscape, natural sites, social and charming people, and culture, France becomes the next destination for adventurous visitors. France is your best guide when it comes to selecting places to go for vacation, touring experiences, and conference purposes.

The firm introduces you to hotels and restaurants, touring places, and places to spend your days and nights doing your favorite activities. It is suitable for visitors interested in visiting Louvre Museum, Paris City, French Riviera, Burgundy, Loire Valley, Mont-Saint Michel, and the D-Day Beaches. Thus, the firm works with partnership with other organizations in order to boost visitors’ effectiveness to tour different parts.


France is a visitors’ favorite destination throughout the year. In different parts of France, you can enjoy a whole stack of experiences in different field such as: culture, religion, history, sports, socialization, and partying. Do not let your unfamiliarity with France limit your chances to enjoy your France tour. Consult services from experiences and established agents who will guide you during your tour.

5 Things You Don’t Know About France Night Life

France is home to many tourist attraction sites and places. Most of these places are perfect for visits during the night time. Thus, they are famously known for the most spectacular night life experience across the world.

Facts Associated with France Night Life

1. Security is at the Par in Many Cities and Towns

Many French towns are popular due to their tight security at night. Cities such as Troyes, Paris, Lorient, and Lyon are usually associated with tight security. For example, Paris is designed with enough electric lighting in all its streets and corners.

The city has been nicknamed as “The City of Light”. Different towers such as the Eiffel Tower are fitted with lighters which provide the whole city with light. Thus, you can be able to walk around at night without any insecurity fears.

2. France Night Life is Perfectly Affordable

Things You Don’t Know About France Night Life

If you are visiting France, do not think of breaking the bank in order to meet the cost of your travel. France nightclubs and resorts normally have relatively cheap and affordable prices. This encourages many visitors who are willing to visit different places at night. At Paris, many nightclubs, hotels, and resorts do not charge entry fees. They only sell dishes and drinks to the visitors. This reduces the expenses incurred in your travel in France.

3. Sports makes the France Night Life Entertaining

In France, you do not have to waste time looking for places to spend your night hours. Sports provide an interesting activity to spend your time watching. France has various sports including: soccer, rugby, and cricket among others.

You can enjoy watching the French Ligue I soccer in places such as: Marseille, Bordeaux, and Paris. Night sports normally attract many funs in France. This makes it an interesting activity for those who like spending their nights outside.

4. France is a Center of Numerous Night Activities

France offers you the chance to spend your night in many different casinos in cities and towns. In the South of France and parts of Lyon and Monaco, there are many casinos such as the Riviera. Here you can enjoy playing games like roulette, poker, and black jack.

There are many other night life activities in France cities, towns, and provinces. These include: attending discos, interacting with rural people in bars and other places, enjoying French cultural eating and drinking, and attending cinema halls, museums, and exhibition centers.

5. You are Always at Home at Night in France

Do not fear losing your direction while in different cities or towns in France. Through local governments, many French cities and towns have unique landmarks and features. a visitor can use these features and landmarks in order to keep their direction and to familiarize with an area.

For example, the Eiffel Tower in the City of Paris provides an easily visible feature for anyone to familiarize with the city. Other cities and towns have features such as museums, natural landmarks, and rivers. Electrical lighting in all the cities and towns enhances security and easy movement of people.


Many visitors in France like visiting different places at night. This increases the people movements during the night which guarantees a safer environment. French hotels and resorts, museums, cinema halls, sports centers, and other facilities normally function at night. Therefore, spending night hours in France becomes enjoyable.